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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1108931352153143323624969108*Tom C CampbellGolden Square2020/2021Under 189 1Maiden Gully
29093135215314332362497490*Tom C CampbellGolden Square2020/2021Under 1810 1Eaglehawk
388104280215314332350573988Riley HockingGolden Square2020/2021Sir John Lienhop Shield - 1st XI8 1Sandhurst
4809357015314332351264280Jackson AdamsGolden Square2020/2021Jack Kidd Shield - 2nd XI1 1Eaglehawk
580105715515314332362493380*Bradman ConstableGolden Square2020/2021Under 182 1Kangaroo Flat
671106539315314332362538271*Mitchell KempGolden Square2020/2021Arthur Lee Shield - 3rd XI4 1Strathfieldsaye
76938594915314332350572869Scott JohnsonGolden Square2020/2021Sir John Lienhop Shield - 1st XI6 1Bendigo
86734262315314332362538667Dylan J RobinsonGolden Square2020/2021Arthur Lee Shield - 3rd XI5 1Strathdale Maristians
96561856515314332362545565*Joseph M DoolanGolden Square2020/2021Arthur Lee Shield - 3rd XI18 1Huntly North Epsom
1064106539315314332351265864Mitchell KempGolden Square2020/2021Jack Kidd Shield - 2nd XI5 1Strathdale Maristians
1164161663215314332364090064*Jimmy WilkinsonGolden Square2020/2021Under 16B4 1Bendigo United
126038594915314332351271660Scott JohnsonGolden Square2020/2021Jack Kidd Shield - 2nd XI16 1White Hills
135956660415314332350574459Scott D TrollopeGolden Square2020/2021Sir John Lienhop Shield - 1st XI9 1Huntly North Epsom
145993135215314332362501459*Tom C CampbellGolden Square2020/2021Under 1818 1Maiden Gully
155839540915314332351269158*Grant ConnellyGolden Square2020/2021Jack Kidd Shield - 2nd XI11 1Kangaroo Flat
1658105916115314332364092758Lachlan RossGolden Square2020/2021Under 16BSF 1Strathfieldsaye
1758161663215314332364090858Jimmy WilkinsonGolden Square2020/2021Under 16B6 1Panthers & Dragons
185739601715314332362541557Zavier AbbottGolden Square2020/2021Arthur Lee Shield - 3rd XI10 1Eaglehawk
195793135215314332362496457*Tom C CampbellGolden Square2020/2021Under 188 1Sandhurst
205739499415314332350571257Liam SmithGolden Square2020/2021Sir John Lienhop Shield - 1st XI3 1Bendigo United
215639523715314332350571656*Max GrantGolden Square2020/2021Sir John Lienhop Shield - 1st XI4 1Strathfieldsaye
2253193999515314332351265453*Connor MillerGolden Square2020/2021Jack Kidd Shield - 2nd XI4 1Strathfieldsaye
2352105916115314332364092952*Lachlan RossGolden Square2020/2021Under 16BPF 1Bendigo United
245039499415314332350572050Liam SmithGolden Square2020/2021Sir John Lienhop Shield - 1st XI5 1Strathdale Maristians
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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